Healthy Life

Have a Healthy Life
This is the time of year that can remind us of how life is in a constant state of change. When families and old friends gather together, we observe the kids getting older and life moving forward for us all. Its a good reminder that we have a hand in choosing the future conditions well have for our families and ourselves. The first element that sets the stage for a happy life is being as healthy as possible. This incorporates all aspects of lifethe emotional, mental, and spiritual as well as the physicaleach being vital to attaining optimum health. The more you can contribute to improving all of these elements in your life, the more rewarding your life should be. Getting regular massages can help you and your loved ones improve the odds for being healthy in the days to come. Heres one example of how regular massage can benefit you: By design, our bodies function better when they get lots of physical use. Since most people today lead fairly sedentary lives, their bodies may be more prone to poor health. Massage can help you experience some of the health benefits you may be missing from inactivity. The various massage strokes can help to stimulate many body functions as if you were being physically active. And if you are physically active, it can help to relax those sore muscles! So schedule your next massagebe sure to make your well-being a high priority, so you can really enjoy your life feeling your best! © 2006 Massage Marketing. Used with permission. All rights reserved.
De-Stress With This Breath . . .
In the time it takes to inhale and exhale, you can diffuse your stress. By tuning in to your breath, you shift your attention from a stressful situation to your body, explains Katherine Bonus, hospital and clinics manager of the Mindfulness Program at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Youll immediately feel better prepared to cope with the situation at hand. The next time you start to feel overwhelmed, follow these tips from Bonus to zero in on your breath. Focus on it. Sit with your spine straight and your head facing forward. Your eyes may be open or closed. Bring your attention to an area of your body that moves as you breathe, like your nostrils, chest, or abdomen. Feel it. As you inhale and exhale (breathe through your nose or mouth, whichever feels more natural), notice how your breath feels as it passes through that area. Feel how it cools your nasal passages or palate. Notice how your chest or belly rises and falls. Let it be. Allow your breath to be as natural as possible. Dont get bogged down in trying to deepen it or make your inhalation and exhalation last a certain amount of time. - Natural Health magazine, 9/03
Sleep: Good Medicine
Heres another reason you should try to get a good nights sleep: Slumber can help keep you cancer-free, says a new study. Researchers at Stanford University Medical Center found that disrupted sleep changes hormone levels in the body, making it more vulnerable to some kinds of cancer. One hormone produced by the brain during sleep is melatonin, which helps prevent cancer by mopping up cell-damaging compounds called free radicals. But when sleep rhythms are disturbed, less melatonin is made. Another hormone impeded by sleep deprivation is cortisol, which helps regulate immune-system activity. Although having cancer might be something to lose sleep over, Stanfords Dr. David Spiegel says, wed rather help people regain the sleep and lose the cancer. The Week, 10/17/03 Remember, studies show that massage can help improve sleep patterns and increase melatonin levels, helping you get that good nights sleep you need! Pleasant dreams . . .
A Good Way To Start the Day
Before you bolt out of bed tomorrow morning, consider taking just a few minutes to get your operating system ... well, operating. Youve just spent the night (hopefully) resting soundly, with very limited body movement. This can allow your muscles to tighten, as well as blood flow and nerve signals to decrease. Just like you want your car to warm up when its cold, give your body the same advantage. Weve all seen a pet get up from sleep and make that long, slow stretch. Once youre awake and still reclining in bed, take a few moments to slowly stretch from head to toe, accompanied with some slow, deep breaths. See how much better you feel when your feet finally hit the floor! © 2006 Massage Marketing. Used with permission. All rights reserved.